The Wistrick Team - Is the Backyard the New Kitchen?
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Expert Tips

Is the Backyard the New Kitchen?

November 08, 2017

For the first time in Real Estate history, the #1 room in your house, the kitchen, now has some serious competition! We have noticed more and more outdoor living areas that are rivaling even the best of kitchens. This new “backyard revolution” is focusing on extending the entertaining area to the great outdoors. We are spoiled here in the South by almost year-round warmth and dodge being under feet of snow for months at a time. Those are the perfect ingredients for outdoor living!


Homeowners are ushering in design teams to create some amazing things with even the most difficult lots.

Unusable sloped lot? Not any more! Hardscape designers are carving into hillsides and creating masterpieces of flagstone seating, stone fire-pits and lighting.

Bye, Bye Rusty Fire-pit! Many are now installing actual fireplaces. These can be constructed from the ground up, or ordered as a kit.

Kicking it up a notch, we see true outdoor kitchens with built-in grills, smokers, refrigerators….and yes, even dishwashers. Top it off with a TV, tunes, and outdoor sofas, and you have yourself a paradise just screaming to entertain.

Dive in! Paired with everything already mentioned, a prime backyard oasis in the steamy South typically includes a sparkling gunite pool with a hot tub and a side order of waterfalls.

How does this impact my home’s value? Of course, all these upgrades come with a price tag. So what happens to your home’s value if you make this major investment into your outdoor living space? Well, while it won’t add actual sq ft to your home, it will add value in the eyes of an appraiser. They will take into account the average cost for these spaces and you will see a higher sales price when the time comes to sell. It really all depends on the detail and quality of workmanship. Also expect for your home to sell faster than your competition because buyers really do value these spaces!

If you know someone who is looking for the perfect backyard, we have the perfect listings. We’d love for you to share this blog with anyone you know who’s thinking of making a move. As always, we strive to provide an unexpected level of care to our clients!


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