The Wistrick Team - How is Football like Real Estate?
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Expert Tips

How is Football like Real Estate?

October 27, 2017

In the spirit of football frenzy, it dawned on me how similar football is to the wild world of real estate. Let’s be honest, if you have been looking for a new home, you know how addicting it can be (just like watching football). Don’t feel guilty for pouring through hundreds of homes online…we all do it!

Football and home buying/selling always start out fun, but frustration can set in quickly if you’re on the losing team, right? Here at The Wistrick Team, we have drafted up a tried and true gameplan to guide you effortlessly to the end zone!

You need an experienced Coach! Or, what we like to call, a professional guide. We’ve been at this game of real estate for a long time now, and let me tell you, experience matters. All those detailed forms, contracts and negotiations … we explain every step to keep our clients protected.

The Huddle: We call this the pregame! We meet with you to explain how the entire process works and what to expect before you get started. We would assume you don’t want to enter a massive (hundreds of thousands of $$$) investment without a playbook, and we certainly won’t step onto the “field” with you until you are comfortable with the strategy. Selling and buying require two separate “playbooks,” and as your coach, we know them both very well!

The Fumble: This is why you hire us! We hear horror stories all the time about agents filling out contracts incorrectly, missing deadlines, and providing horrible service. We are here to prevent these disasters.

The “Visiting” team: It’s negotiating time! So you know, we are trained by the #1 negotiating firm in North America. Rest assured, you will be coached on the best course of action when negotiating against the other party.

The Blitz: If you’re selling, we all-out blast your home to over 350 sites and have a detailed marketing plan to get your home sold for top dollar. Not having a plan and strategy to sell a home is truly a plan to fail.

End-Zone celebration: AKA, Closing Day! Everyone loves celebrating a big win, and that’s our goal from the very first conversation with our clients.

So when you know someone looking to “get in the game,” send them our way! The Wistrick Team has been on top of our game since 2004 thanks to all your amazing referrals!

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