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Expert Tips

What 86 interviewed burglars said about how they break into homes

April 26, 2018

So you think your home is protected by sticking an alarm company sign in your front yard? Not at all, according to an interview of 86 inmates who have landed themselves behind bars for home invasion. In fact, some said that it meant there were more valuables inside that the owner is trying to protect.

Here at The Wistrick Team, we feel like it is our duty to pass along some pointers that we learned after reading a report from WFAA (ABC) News.

“The top ways they broke into a home was either through and unlocked door or they decided to break a window. Some reported they kicked the door in.”

The #1 targeted homes were those with lots of bushes and poor visibility from the road. While privacy is nice to have, it may serve you well to trim down those “house-eating” bushes you’ve been putting procrastinating on. We have a great landscaper we can refer you to if needed.

What were the top deterrents for burglars?

Puppy time! You know that puppy your kids have been wanting? Well, it may be time to get one because burglars didn’t like barking dogs.


Cameras! In the era of everything being on camera these days, this was a big deterrent for fear of being recognized. Several inmates said they would recommend the homeowners making the camera visible and not hiding it like many of us do. They also have a doorbell option called Ring that many of our clients use (and love).


Lights and/or TV’s on The unanimous verdict with regards to steering a burglar away from your house is by leaving the lights or TV on. They all said if they think someone is home, they will avoid your house. In addition, parking cars in the driveway was a sure-fire way to scare them off according to the report.


Midnight mania? Think you’re most likely to be scared to death awoken out of a dead sleep by an intruder? Probably the most intriguing “not-so-fun fact” we discovered was that most burglars struck between 1-3 PM…yes, middle of the afternoon! Pretty obvious once we thought about it. Let’s be honest, most everyone is gone at work and kiddos are at school during the day.


We love celebrating homeownership with our clients, but we care even more about long term safety. We are selling a product (yes, homes) that holds your most valuable belongings. When your safe space has been violated, it can quickly change the way you feel about home. The Wistrick Team has a few recommendations we feel are worth implementing.

1. Get a security system! There are cheap alternatives like SimpliSafe or motion detectors which are easy to install.

2. Consider rescuing a pooch from your local Humane Society or animal shelter.
It’s a win/win! The dog gets a good home and you have a full time security guard with no payroll (except for some treats)!

3. Make your home look “busy.” Flip the radio on before leaving, put some lights on timers, invest in landscape lighting, and close blinds when possible.

As always, we would love for you to share this article with anyone you know that owns a home! Thanks again for supporting our team!



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