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Expert Tips

The Dollars Are in the Details

July 09, 2020

Snap some photos, advertise online, and watch the showings roll in. Listing a house is pretty simple, right?


Yet, somehow certain listings sell exponentially faster and for more money. How does that happen? And how can you be sure to be one of the lucky ones?


When it comes to selling a home, the dollars are in the details. For example, let’s talk about why something as simple as photography matters.


  • Professional photography sells homes at an astoundingly faster pace and higher price point compared to listings with DIY pics. Maybe you already knew that. But what you might not know is that not all professional photography gets the same results when it comes to real estate. Discount brokers will naturally hire cheaper photographers, which can mean lower quality photos. And lower quality photos drive less traffic and fewer opportunities to collect good offers. Whether it’s photo clarity, angles, natural light, lenses, edits, or simply photographer experience, the subtle differences in photo quality add up and leave subconscious impressions with buyers quickly clicking through available listings in their online search results. We can actually see this difference for our listings by measuring how many potential buyers are sorting them as a “favorite,” and how they stack up against comparable homes also for sale. 


  • We use aerial and drone photography for one big reason. MLS statistics say that homes with aerial shots sell 68% faster than homes without. They are more interesting to shoppers searching online and generate substantially more clicks. Even better, we like to take it to the next level with drone photography shot in 4K. 🙂


  • Video tours. 93% of buyers said they want to watch video tours before booking a showing, and—get this—30% said they would feel comfortable writing an offer on a home without seeing it in person if the tour shows enough detail and is well-laid out. Professional video tours are included with our services and make a huge difference in the volume and quality of buyer showings. Our videographer shoots in 4K with camera stabilizers, as well as stabilizers on the 4K drone. This supercharges your listing on public sites like Zillow and throughout the MLS. 90% of listings do not have video tours right now, which absolutely sets our listings apart.


  • Blue Sky enhancements. Atlanta weather is crazy to say the least. We don’t let cloudy or hazy days stop us! Our photos are enhanced with a beautiful blue sky. This triggers “happiness” for buyers scrolling through pictures, and the color blue is proven to draw more social media engagement.


Recent true story. We listed a townhome with stiff competition and long days on market. Photography quality played a huge role in selling our listing at 100% of list price in less than seven days. We’ve found similar results for our listings in Canton, Smyrna, and Acworth just this month.


The dollars really are in the details! And the details are what sell our listings faster and for more money. Please don’t risk one of your largest financial investments with just anyone willing to take a commission reduction. 


More eyeballs online = more showings = higher sales price & shorter days on market. 


Be on the lookout for our next blog where we’ll cover more ways the dollars are in the details. 


Because your home is an investment.

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