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Expert Tips

Selling? 4 Tips to Avoid Inspection Nightmares..

June 19, 2017

The big day has arrived and your home hits the market! You go under contract, thrilled about next steps for your family, and then…the inspection puts a screeching halt to your plans. Now what?

How could this have been avoided?

1. Be proactive! For example, if you know your AC isn’t functioning properly, fix it. Inspectors will always catch big ticket items such as HVAC’s, old roofs, active plumbing leaks, fogged windows and electrical issues.

2. Here at The Wistrick Team, we always build in a “buffer” of around $1,000 into your pre-listing Net Sheet. It is rare that you will survive an inspection without fixing something or giving a credit to the buyer, so having this built into your net will ease that burden upfront.

3. Beware, buyers are coming! Almost all buyers will show up at a home inspection and could be at your home for several hours. This is when the nit-picking begins since they now have control of your home and more time to process what they see. We always prep our sellers to be prepared and stage the home as though it is your most important showing. Lights on, binds open, spotless clean, lawn freshly mowed, and fresh smell.

4. Change your air filters. This signals to the buyer of how well you maintain your home.

Home inspections are always the most difficult part of the selling process, so why wouldn’t you make every effort to make it as smooth as possible? For more detailed info on the inspection process, feel free to email or call us! Have a great week!


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