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Expert Tips

How’s The Atlanta Real Estate Market Trending?

February 19, 2021

Here in Atlanta, we are SUPER fortunate. Right or wrong, we’ve been insulated from economic shutdowns and have enjoyed an open economy since May. Alternatively, in other parts of the country businesses aren’t willing to let revenue dry up due to forced closures. This isn’t political; it’s just the facts. Their only options are government assistance or moving where commerce is still flowing … places like Georgia. Many have taken the second option.

We’re seeing evidence of this already in the housing industry. Our listings are selling for CASH, quickly. One of our recent listings priced over $675K saw not just one cash offer, but multiple. All were buyers moving to Georgia from states with the heaviest lockdowns (PN, NY, CA, MI). 

The housing market in metro-Atlanta continues to be explosive. Here are 5 reasons why.

  1. We have an open economy. 
  2. We still offer the biggest bang for your buck for home prices.
  3. We have a beautiful climate, major airport and solid infrastructure.
  4. We have favorable tax laws for the film industry and business.
  5. Interest rates are predicted to stay low until the country begins to reopen.

Should I Sell?

Metro-Atlanta saw home prices increase 8.2% in November 2020 year-over-year, which is the largest annual appreciation since March 2014. If your personal circumstances support making a move this year, you can expect to sell for the absolute max. That’s just a fact right now. Once the economy begins to reopen across the country, we will start to see demand slow. So … strike while the iron is hot!

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